Meaning of Ranalian in English:


Pronunciation /rəˈneɪlɪən/


(also Ranalean)
  • Of or relating to the (former) order Ranales, comprising dicotyledonous families characterized by hypogynous, apocarpous flowers having free, spirally inserted parts and an indefinite number of stamens; derived from or characteristic of this order.

    The order Ranales comprised 19 families, divided into 4 suborders; it was later split into the orders Ranunculales, typified by the family Ranunculaceae, and Magnoliales, typified by the family Magnoliaceae.


Early 20th century; earliest use found in Charles Edwin Bessey (1845–1915). From scientific Latin Ranales, former order name (A. EnglerSyllabus der Vorlesungen über specielle u. medicinisch-pharmaceutische Botanik 106; from Ran- (in scientific Latin Ranunculus) + classical Latin -ālēs, plural of-ālis) + -ian.