Meaning of rancel in English:


(also ransel, rencil, rensil)

Pronunciation /ˈrɑːns(ə)l/ /ˈrans(ə)l/


  • In weakened use. To search (a place) thoroughly.


Early 17th century (in an earlier sense). Origin uncertain. Perhaps from the unattested Norn reflex of the early Scandinavian noun represented by Icelandic reynsla probation, experience, trial, Faroese roynsla experience, Norwegian (chiefly Nynorsk) røynsle attempt, endeavour, fact, (now chiefly) experience from the Scandinavian base of Old Icelandic reyna to try, to experience, to search, pry, inquire into (from the same base as Old Icelandic raun trial, test, experience; perhaps ultimately from the same Indo-European base as ancient Greek ἐρευνᾶν to search, seek for, inquire after) + the Scandinavian base of Old Icelandic -sla, suffix forming nouns from verbs; compare -els.