Meaning of rando in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrandəʊ/

nounplural noun randos

informal US
  • A person one does not know, especially one regarded as odd, suspicious, or engaging in socially inappropriate behaviour.

    • ‘some rando asked to take her photo’
    • ‘getting yelled at by randos doesn't bother me’
    • ‘Don't ever take anything from some rando on the streets of Gotham.’
    • ‘They're not going to believe that this blonde chick was just a rando, and an innocent rando at that.’
    • ‘It's no longer just the randos or long-lost childhood acquaintances who show up on your FB feed.’
    • ‘From there, he was off to different parts of New York and the country, looking for the right randos to photograph.’
    • ‘Caroline and Stefan were still just hanging around a college bar tormenting randos for fun.’
    • ‘I tend to talk to randos lots though.’
    • ‘He is not cheating on you or flirting with randos online.’
    • ‘After a few encounters, I never found it appealing to talk to a rando again.’
    • ‘Is that a message from some rando, a spammer, or the nice guy you met yesterday?’
    • ‘Why would I go to your party, you rando?’


informal US
  • short for random (sense 2 of the adjective)

    • ‘I don't want some rando dude on the street telling me he thinks I'm hot’
    • ‘on a rando Sunday I was looking for a place to chill with some friends’
    • ‘Regina answered a few questions and a rando lady ran into the room and put a baby in her lap.’
    • ‘It's about some rando guy who lives in a cabin even though he doesn't appear to serve any point on the show.’
    • ‘The family is so big because the dad, Mike, kind of gets married to some rando woman who has three kids of her own.’
    • ‘I sleep any time I don't have caffeine jetting through my veins, but it's pretty rando.’
    • ‘However famous a celebrity may be stateside, you can unearth a commercial they filmed for some rando foreign product on the sly.’
    • ‘I tried to get everything in there, but sorry it's so rando!’
    • ‘Then rando gossip magazines followed suit and here we are again.’
    • ‘By "party," he means it was literally me and like 5 rando people who had also just wandered into my apartment because I had beer.’
    • ‘You're just asking for more trouble than help by seeking rando suggestions online.’
    • ‘Right now, the way comments work on YouTube is that the last rando person who said anything is featured up toward the top.’


Early 21st century shortening of random.