Meaning of randomly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrandəmli/

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  • 1Without method or conscious decision; indiscriminately.

    ‘troops fired randomly from tanks’
    • ‘I randomly split the ironing into two piles’
    • ‘Eclipses do not occur randomly.’
    • ‘The buses were randomly stopped and searched at several roadblocks.’
    • ‘The books will be randomly checked in the exam room.’
    • ‘He had randomly shot at passing cars, wounding at least three people.’
    • ‘I contacted him, saying I had just randomly come across his e-mail address.’
    • ‘We're tested randomly once or twice a month.’
    • ‘Oil prices have fluctuated randomly for well over a century.’
    • ‘The males mate randomly with females.’
    • ‘They have a tendency to decide randomly not to show up for work.’
    • ‘I was walking aimlessly, and randomly.’
    1. 1.1Statistics In a way that involves equal chances for each item.
      ‘each clinic surveyed 20 patients who were selected randomly’
      • ‘her entry was randomly drawn from around 10,000 others to win the first prize car’
      • ‘Within each household an adult is randomly selected to be the respondent.’
      • ‘The survey was mailed to randomly selected U.S. public school teachers of kindergarten through eighth grade.’
      • ‘The patients were randomly divided into four groups of approximately 12 patients per group.’
      • ‘On arrival, the participants are randomly assigned to small groups with trained moderators.’
      • ‘A randomly assigned number was generated by the computer and assigned to each respondent to ensure confidentiality.’
      • ‘A total of 747 women were randomly allocated to intervention or control groups.’
      • ‘The sample was randomly picked from the unemployment register for 16-30 year olds.’
      • ‘A total of 1022 children were included from nine schools selected randomly from 32 schools.’
      • ‘In the reduction of the 4CL data set, a single clone was chosen randomly to represent a species with multiple distinct 4CL sequences.’
      • ‘Each digit was chosen randomly from the set of 10 digits.’