Meaning of range anxiety in English:

range anxiety


mass noun informal
  • Worry on the part of a person driving an electric car that the battery will run out of power before the destination or a suitable charging point is reached.

    • ‘range anxiety is often cited as the most important reason why many are reluctant to buy electric cars’
    • ‘We had our own form of range anxiety on the Cairnwell Pass when we realised we were fast in danger of running out of fuel, both volts and litres.’
    • ‘"Range anxiety" has led to a slow take-up of electric cars, despite subsidies of up to £5,000 per vehicle.’
    • ‘With a range of 588 kilometres, the ix35 Fuel Cell eliminates "range anxiety" often associated with alternative-fuel vehicles.’
    • ‘With speculation that most EV charging will be done within owners' homes or workplaces this is an opportunity to help reduce the owners' costs and tackle range anxiety.’
    • ‘Fisker says the Karma is "the golden solution" to the problem of range anxiety.’
    • ‘Life cycle emission reductions are directly related to battery capacity and increasing battery capacity to combat range anxiety effectively eliminates the GHG benefit.’
    • ‘The main hesitation in buying the car is from range anxiety.’
    • ‘People thinking about owning an electric car suffer from "range anxiety".’
    • ‘For people with range anxiety the Volt will work like a regular car, but electric cars may already make sense for companies with small fleets of cars that run around the city every day.’
    • ‘It addresses issues of range anxiety by using the smartphone to map out charging stations along the route.’
    • ‘An electric car with extended range, it alleviates the "range anxiety" associated with previous electric vehicles and elicits an avalanche of global media coverage.’
    • ‘Range anxiety and sticker price is a huge obstacle for EVs.’
    • ‘"I think people would buy more electric cars if there was more charging infrastructure, and that would really help remove any range anxiety they have."’
    • ‘The forthcoming advancements in battery technology, charging stations and electric vehicles are likely to diminish range anxiety among EV drivers.’
    • ‘Range anxiety is real, and it keeps you from enjoying the driving satisfaction otherwise provided by an electric vehicle.’
    • ‘The nascent charging infrastructure in many cities in the US and around the world is taking away some of the range anxiety of pure electrics.’
    • ‘He said the goal of the program is to alleviate range anxiety - fear of being stranded because of a dead battery.’
    • ‘Today's plug-in electric cars cannot cost-effectively overcome range anxiety while fuel cell cars continue to be limited by infrastructure.’
    • ‘Range anxiety is a real thing when you can't just pull into the corner gas station.’