Meaning of rangy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪn(d)ʒi/

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adjectiveadjective rangier, adjective rangiest

  • 1(of a person) tall and slim with long, slender limbs.

    ‘a pale, rangy boy in his late teens’
    • ‘The dark, rangy man behind the table stared the slender figure before him up and down.’
    • ‘Murphy, another rangy actor, with big doughy eyes, is every bit the soft centre in a hard shell.’
    • ‘Windross is a tall, rangy player, who showed some neat touches and whose confidence grew in the second half.’
    • ‘Wilkie is an unkempt, rangy character with a beard and piercing gaze.’
    • ‘But it was the rangy figure of Kamathi who did just that by seizing the initiative from 200m out.’
    • ‘Polley is a rangy player who covers ground with deceptive speed.’
    • ‘And he pointed to a sofa, on which sat a tall, rangy, square-jawed blonde holding a glass of warm vodka.’
    • ‘When the Weekender called the bar was full of farmers coming from the local mart - rangy men who know all about rams, ewes and hoggets.’
    • ‘One dancer was rangy and goofy; another mischievous and full-bodied; another possessed.’
    • ‘Williams is a rangy player who flies all over the field.’
    • ‘Jamie is tall, rangy, laidback, unassuming, while Andy is built more powerfully and exudes confidence and attitude.’
    • ‘Tomaschek, the tall, rangy Slovakian international captain, at least had the consolation of being in the side more likely to create a goal.’
    • ‘The tall, rangy Patrick moved over to the table where Chris, James and Jenni were talking, and dropped his phenomenally heavy bag onto the floor with a thump that the secretaries one floor below heard.’
    • ‘But at that time, he was a tall, rangy heavyweight, barely 200 pounds.’
    • ‘There was a sudden rustling in the trees and a dog, tall and rangy and beautiful, loped out.’
    • ‘The one in the middle was tall and rangy and wore a shiny fake leather jacket and tight black jeans.’
    • ‘A lean, rangy old cowboy with a lined and seamed face, he frequented a beer joint on the edge of town known colloquially as the Bloody Bucket.’
    • ‘He was lean and rangy and had an easy-going, languid air about him.’
    • ‘He has the lanky, rangy build of a classic power pitcher.’
    • ‘The man was several inches taller than Russell, with the typical broad shoulders and rangy build of a professional seaman.’
    long-legged, long-limbed, leggy, tall, slender, slim, lean
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  • 2North American (of a place) having room for ranging; expansive or spacious.

    • ‘rangy pasture filled with horses and cattle’