Meaning of ranting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrantɪŋ/


(also rantings)
mass noun
  • Lengthy, angry, and impassioned speech.

    ‘at times, his rantings would become incoherent’
    • ‘These are not the isolated rantings of an angry old man.’
    • ‘Such reactionary and ignorant rantings are perhaps not overly worthy of comment.’
    • ‘But perhaps now we'll be given overdue respite from the rantings of those intent on persuading us he was some kind of miracle-worker.’
    • ‘I headed back to the Commons but, when I arrived, my colleagues viewed my rantings as though I'd drunk considerably more than a pint.’
    • ‘Despite the rantings of the media, I still like getting a tan.’
    • ‘But the free world will not bow to the rantings of a cowardly murderer.’
    • ‘These are the rantings of a paranoid but briefly optimistic fan.’
    • ‘Because, simply by revealing how old I was, I could justify the mad rantings.’
    • ‘It was an immensely silly argument, and might be dismissed as the rantings of a second-rate polemicist.’
    • ‘Life is too short to spend hours scrutinising the rantings of morons.’
    • ‘She manages to capture his mad rantings with a kind of macabre poetry.’
    • ‘Reasonable discussion is important but irrational rantings will achieve nothing.’
    • ‘For years I used to hate reading the rantings of newspaper columnists as they pounded some hapless individual before moving on glibly to the next victim.’
    • ‘It would appear that my rantings have widespread influence.’
    • ‘In the meantime I imagine my obscure rantings and categorisations may draw the odd comment from those versed in literary theory.’
    • ‘I think that it is irresponsible of your newspaper to print the rantings of a woman who is merely interested in promoting her own biased views.’
    • ‘I mean, doesn't that make them a conduit for the rantings of a mass murderer?’
    • ‘I have read the predictable rantings of those who go on about queue jumpers and the fact that these people are not really oppressed.’
    • ‘He has given no definitive proof for any of his beliefs and most of his rantings are nothing more than far left propaganda.’
    • ‘Hopefully, my rantings will at least vaguely interest those of you who crave rational discourse.’
    bluster, pomposity, ranting, rant, nonsense, empty talk, humbug, wind, blather, blether, claptrap


  • Speaking at length in an angry and impassioned way.

    • ‘ranting shock jocks’