Meaning of rapid-fire in English:




another term for quick-fire
‘Their names repeatedly crop up in the course of his rapid-fire patter.’
  • ‘A rapid-fire speaker in heavily accented English, the passionate French chef is never still.’
  • ‘Fogarty shoots off into a rapid-fire imaginary conversation between an agency executive and a newspaper ad sales person.’
  • ‘This year's Budget speech was another in his series of rapid-fire litanies of facts and figures with plenty of content but not much in the way of rhetorical flourish.’
  • ‘His fervent approach to football manifests itself in rapid-fire delivery on all manner of convictions and opinions concerning his chosen profession.’
  • ‘Thankfully I saw a couple of familiar faces the moment I entered the function room, was welcomed into the fold and was given a rapid-fire overview of everyone present.’
  • ‘But this is no self-indulgent nostalgia trip: it has great pace, a lovely sense of fun and rapid-fire cynical banter.’
  • ‘This occasioned some rapid-fire debate around the office as to whether such a competition might work.’
  • ‘He had just finished his midday rapid-fire barrage of breaking bad news.’
  • ‘Hollywood producers also believe rapid-fire conversation - often while characters are on the move - is popular among the ‘MTV generation’ of viewers.’
  • ‘There are a handful of rapid-fire arguments worthy of Aaron Sorkin or David Mamet.’
  • ‘Expect a barrage of rapid-fire rhymes, punchy poetry and syllables.’
  • ‘The Fast Show hit British screens on 27 September 1994, and its rapid-fire approach quickly made other sketch shows seem slow and clumsy.’
  • ‘Met by ten burly men in military uniforms who gave rapid-fire introductions and led them down to the platform, they had little time to take anything in.’
  • ‘The presence of these loveable rogues drew crowds to enjoy their banter and rapid-fire wit.’
  • ‘In her rapid-fire Indonesian with distinct Chinese intonations, she quoted an old Chinese couplet that says, ‘In heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Hangzhou and Suzhou.’’
  • ‘It featured the track ‘Dear Hip Hop,’ a reflective look at the importance of the culture in his, laden with rapid-fire delivery and a ripe beat.’
  • ‘Excitement rose during the rapid-fire rounds, with one contestant from each of the groups in the ‘Hot seat’ trying to answer as many questions as possible before the timekeepers sounded the bell.’
  • ‘Tom Fox, who delighted the local media with rapid-fire interview responses in Vietnamese as his daughter instructed the swimmers, said his older two children had already made the journey to Viet Nam.’
  • ‘As he talks about the five albums and non-stop touring that mark his career, his rapid-fire words are punctuated with a serious tone, indicating that music is not just fun and games for him.’