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rara avis

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nounplural noun rarae aves/ˌrɛːriː ˈeɪviːz/ /ˌrɛːriː ˈaviːz/

  • another term for rare bird

    ‘Pull it all together and you will have a rara avis to add zest to your party.’
    • ‘Heller is both a poet and critic, that well-plumed rara avis who flies effortlessly between poetry and criticism and adroitly links their dual legacies.’
    • ‘The author of some noteworthy ones, George Caleb Bingham, was himself a rara avis: a professional painter who was also a political candidate.’
    • ‘By mating Western classical music with the musical traditions of his homeland - both popular and classical - Vali has been the foster-father to a beautiful hybrid, a rara avis.’
    • ‘Ushenko is that rara avis in contemporary art, a big-hearted romantic satirist.’
    • ‘‘It can be stated without fear of contradiction,’ Thomas Baker writes, ‘that the truly clever or amusing law review article is the quintessential rara avis.’’
    rarity, rare person, rare thing, rare bird, wonder, marvel, nonpareil, nonesuch, one of a kind, find
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rara avis

/ˌrɛːrə ˈeɪvɪs/ /ˌrɑːrə ˈavɪs/


Latin, with reference to Juvenal's Satires, vi.165.