Meaning of rark in English:


Pronunciation /rɑːk/


[with object] informal New Zealand usually rark someone up
  • Annoy or irritate (someone)

    • ‘mentioning it would only rark people up again’
    • ‘We don't want to rark anyone up here.’
    • ‘Once they have rarked them up, they will just desert them.’
    • ‘If he turns up a bit earlier today and rarks us up in his own unique style, it could be a ripper.’
    • ‘We're bloody great mates who love rarking each other up.’
    • ‘He quoted doubtful statistics about the amount of time men spend rarking children up and women spend trying to calm them down.’
    irritate, vex, make angry, make cross, anger, exasperate, irk, gall, pique, put out, displease, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, antagonize, get on someone's nerves, rub up the wrong way, ruffle, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles


1990s origin unknown.