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rat run


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informal British
  • A minor, typically residential street used by drivers during peak periods to avoid congestion on main roads.

    • ‘our road was used as a rat run between two main roads’
    • ‘Sapling Road really has become a rat run since the bus lanes were introduced on St Helens Road.’
    • ‘I live on a complete rat run between the High Road and Acton Lane.’
    • ‘Householders in Moss Lane, Oswaldtwistle, had tried for years to stop traffic using the road as a rat run to the M65 motorway.’
    • ‘Residents fed up with drivers using their unmade street as a rat run have joined forces to stop the problem.’
    • ‘It was supposed to improve traffic flow so drivers don't use the surrounding roads as a rat run to try to save time.’
    • ‘He said measures had also been introduced in St Saviourgate to ensure that drivers stopped using this road as a rat run.’
    • ‘A resident today called for traffic calming measures on a Bradford road which he claims is being used as a rat run to avoid a major city roundabout.’
    • ‘Some residents have labelled the road a rat run.’
    • ‘Over the years, many people have used this village as a rat run and have sped through it.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The road is a recognised rat run for heavy lorries and this is unacceptable.’’
    • ‘Frustrated residents are hoping to put the brakes on motorists treating their road as a rat run.’
    • ‘And she argued a swingbridge, which would give priority to boats over vehicles, might deter people from using the road as a rat run.’
    • ‘I think it's about time the traffic police had a word with these people who blatantly admit to using this road as a rat run and ask them to stop.’
    • ‘It follows a survey of local residents which centred on extra traffic using the road as a rat run since the opening of the park and ride.’
    • ‘Residents claim a traffic order banning vehicles from using their village estate roads as a rat run is not working.’
    • ‘Hyndburn Council has been told it may take two years to pedestrianise a town centre road used as a rat run.’
    • ‘The bollards and uprights have been left in place to curb the speed of traffic and discourage the use of the road as a rat run.’
    • ‘How long before the gates are removed and it becomes a rat run from London Road?’
    • ‘‘Every little street will be a rat run to get people into Bradford,’ she said.’
    • ‘But a rising bollard on this street, preventing a rat run, could be as long as ten years away.’
    roundabout route, indirect route, circuitous route, scenic route, tourist route, diversion, bypass, alternative route, digression, deviation, byway, bypath