Meaning of rate tart in English:

rate tart


informal British
  • A person who switches from one credit card or mortgage provider to another in order to take advantage of special introductory offers.

    • ‘Over the past six months - for the first time in my life - I have been a rate tart.’
    • ‘However, in the end, I decided against making my son a rate tart - for now, at least.’
    • ‘These days, thanks to the wonders of the Web, being a rate tart is an absolute doddle.’
    • ‘Not many rate tarts are going to find this sort of ceiling a problem!’
    • ‘Life as a rate tart has been a new and enlightening experience.’
    • ‘I am somewhat of a rate tart.’
    • ‘One self-confessed rate tart explains how he has made the most of cheap credit, by switching frequently between deals.’
    • ‘Besides, don't you want to join the band of rate tarts who are saving themselves a mint by regularly shopping around for a better mortgage deal?’
    • ‘While there will always be niche competitive products for the rate tart, this is a pricing model which has become increasingly unsustainable over the longer term.’
    • ‘However, I am looking forward to explaining how to be a rate tart to him, because you can't start too early - or too late, Gran!’
    • ‘Even better, by becoming a 'rate tart' and surfing your debt from one deal to the next, you could effectively create a long-term interest-free loan.’
    • ‘Rate tart I may be, but opening a new account and moving my cash around is still a pain, and I want to do it as little as possible.’