Meaning of ratine in English:


(also ratteen, rateen, ratiné)

Pronunciation /rəˈtiːn/ /raˈtiːn/


  • In early use (frequently in form ratteen): a kind of coarse twilled woollen fabric, usually with a (curled) nap; a frieze or drugget. Later: (usually in form ratine or ratiné) a plain-woven fabric made of cotton or other material with a loose open weave and rough surface, principally used for hard-wearing outer clothing, furniture covers, etc.

    While the anglicized form ratteen usually refers to the woollen fabric and the forms ratine and ratiné to the modern fabric (made of various materials), this distinction is not absolute. Early instances of the form ratine presumably refer to a woollen material.


Mid 17th century. From French ratine, of uncertain origin; perhaps from Middle French rater to scrape + -ine.