Meaning of ration carrier in English:

ration carrier


historical Australian
  • (on a sheep or cattle station) an employee who delivers supplies to workers on distant parts of the station.

    ‘I never see anyone but the ration carrier once a week’
    • ‘The ration carrier got frightened and, letting go the reins, he clutched hold of the pommel with both hands.’
    • ‘Mr Falkland lifted his daughter in and took the reins, leaving his horse to be ridden home by the ration-carrier.’
    • ‘I never felt more comfortable than when my duty as ration-carrier certified my sojourn for the night at his hut.’
    • ‘The dingo seems very fond of following the ration-carrier when taking round a packhorse laden with salt beef and groceries.’
    • ‘It was not uncommon for him to have no supper to cook, because the ration carrier only came once a week.’