Meaning of raupatu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈraʊpɑːtuː/


mass noun historical New Zealand
  • The confiscation of Maori land during and after the New Zealand Wars of the 19th century.

    ‘we agree that there is no excuse for this raupatu’
    • ‘the Crown has made significant progress in settling raupatu claims’
    • ‘In the last year the Waitangi Tribunal has reported on two more districts where there was raupatu.’
    • ‘They registered their raupatu claim with the Waitangi Tribunal in 1988.’
    • ‘It began in 1866, following the raupatu of Ngati Awa lands.’
    • ‘What we are seeing is a new raupatu.’
    • ‘The report details the loss of Maori land as a result of raupatu.’
    • ‘Other trust boards already in existence received some type of annuity in recognition of prior injustices caused by raupatu.’
    • ‘Any extinguishment of those rights is raupatu.’
    • ‘They don't so much want to repeal the raupatu as replace it with more raupatu.’
    • ‘Maori have experienced the large-scale legitimised theft of land through the policy of raupatu, yet we punish Maori and other New Zealanders who steal.’
    • ‘The claim has focused on the raupatu question.’


Mid 19th century Maori.