Meaning of rav in English:


Pronunciation /rɒv/


  • 1Judaism
    A rabbi, especially one who holds a position of authority or who acts as a personal mentor.

    ‘‘Mikneh Rav,’ he says, means that they had acquired a Rav with whom they were extremely attached.’
    • ‘Everyone should know that each individual situation must be considered carefully and a Rav must make the decision - not a Doctor.’
    spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, counsellor, mentor, guiding light, spiritual leader, leader, master


    Partly via Yiddish.

    1. 1.1(in orthodox Judaism) a title of respect and form of address preceding a personal name.
      • ‘Rav Schacter has apologized for his off the cuff statements that certainly do not represent his views.’


From Hebrew and Aramaic raḇ ‘master’.