Meaning of ray gun in English:

ray gun

Pronunciation /ˈreɪ ɡʌn/


  • (in science fiction) a gun causing injury or damage by the emission of rays.

    ‘‘Queen Mandy, we did enough damage for your ray gun to destroy the enemy device,’ I said.’
    • ‘You can't have someone zapping aliens with a ray gun one minute, and dealing with genuine stories the next.’
    • ‘He took out his ray gun and fired a laser beam at the guard.’
    • ‘He carefully chose a direction and fired the ray gun repeatedly.’
    • ‘The machine itself looks like a big ray gun, similar to the one in Goldfinger which gave James Bond a fright.’
    • ‘We suspect one of the weapons being used in the cultural war is a secret ray gun that induces forgetfulness and lethargy.’
    • ‘The young genius pointed the modified ray gun at the Martian force field and fired…’
    • ‘Duke suddenly turned the plasma ray gun on Applewhite, flicked a switch, and fired.’
    • ‘Clara jabbed Cane with the butt of her weapon several times before he realized what she wanted and drew his ray gun.’
    • ‘Ohhhhh, how I would love to blow you away right now with my plasma ray gun,’
    • ‘The robot behind the counter might have a ray gun!’
    • ‘Bill becomes Shirleen, complete with a shocking blond wig, and Jack turns into a scary sci-fi cowboy waving a plastic ray gun.’
    • ‘As one review put it ‘this book couldn't get any cooler, not even if it came with a ray gun.’’
    • ‘Kitt, a tall teen who was possibly about eighteen or nineteen, looked up from what appeared to be a ray gun she was tinkering with.’
    • ‘Gordon complicates this situation by insisting that Kelvin's dead wife is an alien and should be shot with her ray gun.’
    • ‘My mother didn't seem to think it was a problem, however, and had happily handed me the phone despite the fact I had tried to beam her with my ray gun.’
    • ‘It may not be a plasma ray gun, but it will still put a hole in that nasty, slimy, green head of yours.’
    • ‘It reminded me of what a ray gun would look like except this had a chord and several switches.’
    • ‘The assortment also includes a space-age ray gun and other imaginary hardware for orbital combat.’
    • ‘You were a beautiful but desperate Polish philologist carrying a large ray gun through the city streets.’