Meaning of razor-like in English:



  • 1Extremely sharp.

    ‘its teeth are slim and razor-like for slicing through flesh’
    • ‘A great barracuda suddenly appeared out of nowhere, its razor-like teeth and silver body slicing through the water and dispersing the fish in all directions.’
    • ‘The most primitive human stone tool sites date back 2.6 million years to when people were flaking the rock to create a razor-like edge.’
    • ‘I was a bit mortified by what I assumed was an outbreak of laziness but the razor-like discomfort in my throat yesterday put me right as far as that goes.’
    • ‘Your infantry squads can be positioned by individual soldiers with razor-like precision, unlike the semi-autonomous units in real-time wargames.’
    • ‘His technique is powerful and honed to a razor-like edge, but even more impressive is the rare spontaneity and vitality in his playing.’
    • ‘Its razor-like attention to service has been responsible for the hotel winning a whole stack of awards since opening in 1998.’
    • ‘Other lemurs cross razor-like mountaintops to reach precious pools of water.’
    • ‘Aside from some razor-like digital artifacting on a few edges, I can find nothing wrong.’
    • ‘That very real risk hardly seems worth taking to gain the questionable benefits of dulling the Fed's razor-like focus on rates.’
    • ‘He described its cutting apparatus as being "shaped like the beak of a parrot, with a razor-like edge."’
    1. 1.1Incisive or penetrating.
      • ‘her customary razor-like wit’