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  • Extremely sharp.

    ‘razor-sharp teeth’
    • ‘his razor-sharp mind’
    • ‘It's a biting attack on the media machine itself, and, as expected with Lee, this movie has a full set of razor-sharp teeth.’
    • ‘Officers then secured the crocodile's mouth shut, protecting them from rows of razor-sharp teeth.’
    • ‘We shall have to rely instead on the razor-sharp mind of Lord Hutton and the work of his inquiry.’
    • ‘It's staring at me and I swear I saw a fine set of razor-sharp teeth as it grinned at me.’
    • ‘Luckily, his razor-sharp intellect streaked into action, as he claimed.’
    • ‘Its head bore two glowing, red, pupilless eyes, a hawkish beak and rows of gray, razor-sharp teeth.’
    • ‘He smiled at the joke, displaying a messy arrangement of razor-sharp teeth.’
    • ‘The tiny animal suddenly had a huge mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and gobbled up the candy in one bite.’
    • ‘He was no taller than before but now he had razor-sharp claws and deadly teeth.’
    • ‘I recall a person with razor-sharp mind and of a kind and gentle spirit.’
    • ‘One of the monsters hissed at the other, revealing twin rows of razor-sharp teeth.’
    • ‘Sussed, sassy and streetwise, she offers a razor-sharp perspective on life.’
    • ‘She screamed as she felt several razor-sharp pieces penetrate her skin, cutting deep into her arms.’
    • ‘These are some of the questions on our minds as we turn to purveyors of razor-sharp political punditry.’
    • ‘Many more boards would benefit from his razor-sharp intellect and high ethical standards.’
    • ‘You could say that the razor-sharp twinkle of perception in his eyes has gained an extra edge.’
    • ‘All the while Dawn was keeping a sharp eye on them, and a razor-sharp sword at their throats.’
    • ‘There are the razor-sharp scripts, penned by Matt Groening and a posse of ivy-league intellectuals.’
    • ‘Many well-groomed bulls with majestic humps and razor-sharp horns posed a grave threat to the competitors.’
    • ‘The humour arises from razor-sharp observation but is never cruel.’
    shrewd, sharp, sharp-witted, razor-sharp, acute, quick, quick-witted, ingenious, clever, intelligent, bright, brilliant, smart, canny, media-savvy, intuitive, discerning, perceptive, perspicacious, penetrating, insightful, incisive, piercing, discriminating, sagacious, wise, judicious