Meaning of razor edge in English:

razor edge


(also razor's edge)
  • 1A sharp edge of a knife, axe, or similar implement.

    ‘the razor edge cut deep into the side of the ship’
    • ‘As he did with all of his knives he had sharpened the blade to a razor edge.’
    • ‘The razor edge nipped Adam on the cheek just below his eye.’
    • ‘Her sword and daggers were polished and honed to a razor edge.’
    • ‘Smite chuckled and tickled Mecha's neck with the razor edge of the cutlass.’
    • ‘The Samurai whirled and swung with lightning speed and the razor edge of the sword cut nice and neatly down the point.’
    1. 1.1A critical or precarious situation.
      ‘politically we are on a razor edge’
      • ‘People live on the razor's edge not knowing when the bomber will strike.’
      • ‘These folks are risk takers living on the razor's edge of life!’
      • ‘A racer who lived on the razor's edge, he wanted to know why Rindt's accident happened.’
      • ‘Its hipness is determined by the narrowness of the margin between art and fashion or between art and pornography; it dances on the razor's edge.’
      • ‘For it seems clear that until Knight finds the real answer, he'll live, as always, on the razor's edge.’
      • ‘It's the struggle to convert sunlight into fruit structure that keeps Argyle's wines on the razor's edge.’
      • ‘The crew had been on the razor's edge for over a year now, and was finally watching this phase of the war come to a close.’
      • ‘So even though they are on the razor's edge, the children of Chennai make the risky crossing each day.’
      • ‘We're not exactly perched on the razor's edge of narrative innovation.’
      • ‘That organisation has placed great chunks of the planet on the razor's edge of catastrophe.’
    2. 1.2the razor edgeThe most advanced stage in the development of something; the cutting edge.
      • ‘in 1960 jet planes were the razor edge of chic’
    3. 1.3A state of sharp incisiveness.
      ‘he had honed his mind to a razor edge’
      • ‘Would the preternatural rip-rocking San Diego punk heroes lose their razor edge, get sensitive, do a ballad maybe?’
      • ‘Eight years as a street cop and another three in NYPD's Protective Services Division had honed Derek's survival instincts to a razor's edge.’