Main meanings of RDF in English




mass nounComputing
  • A model for encoding semantic relationships between items of data so that these relationships can be interpreted computationally.

    ‘RDF is the primary foundation for the Semantic Web’
    • ‘This file is RDF, one of the harder W3C standards.’
    • ‘Tools exist for creating and editing RDF, storing the semantic data, inferencing knowledge from the metadata, and visualizing the metadata.’
    • ‘Because of RDF's peculiar design, the content can be dumped into the template in a careless manner and everything simply works.’
    • ‘If you are involved in managing large amounts of Web content that you want to share with others, then you should be looking at RDF.’
    • ‘Support for RDF is basic rather than strict, so nearly all the URIs and URLs can be made up on the spot, as though they were variables or constants.’


1990s abbreviation of Resource Description Framework.

Main meanings of RDF in English




  • 1Radio direction finder (or finding).

  • 2(in the US) rapid deployment force.