Meaning of re-echo in English:


verbverb re-echoes, verb re-echoing, verb re-echoed

  • Echo again or repeatedly.

    no object ‘Dawn's words re-echoed in her mind’
    • ‘Shrieking thunder echoed and re-echoed throughout the gun chamber, shaking dust from the pipes that began to yammer as fuel gushed along them, adding their din to the cacophony.’
    • ‘Our school chapel, whose acoustics were appalling for the spoken word, was splendid for anything contrapuntal and gorgeous for Gregorian chant, as the notes echoed and re-echoed.’
    • ‘Her sayings echo and re-echo to this day.’
    • ‘It echoed and re-echoed around the room long after the reverberations ceased.’
    • ‘Their chatter, laughter, and shouts rose up in a wall of cacophonous sound that echoed and re-echoed in the cavernous building, creating an incessant roar like a pounding surf.’
    • ‘And joyous laughter echoed and re-echoed around the room and rolled over the city, lifting the hearts of the multitudes.’
    • ‘The others who were farther, shivered at his loud scream as it echoed and re-echoed within the walls of the large ancestral home.’
    • ‘Her voice echoed and re-echoed through the cavern complex before Mara hissed, ‘Do you want to be buried alive?’’
    • ‘As they dragged her away, Sye's roar echoed and re-echoed in the school hallway.’
    • ‘People believe that ‘her sayings echo and re-echo to this day’.’
    • ‘Suddenly, we both heard a loud voice that seem to come from within, that boomed and re-echoed throughout.’
    • ‘Those familiar with the author's writings will find his cherished themes re-echoed - or, more accurately, brought to bear on the subject of mission.’
    • ‘Then followed a multitude of other escapes, gradually diminishing in sound but rolling and re-echoing through the troubled air.’
    • ‘Christmas is a time for renewing and cementing friendships, and for re-echoing the message of peace.’
    • ‘He also re-echoed that he would not hold any office or political position once Tibetans are allowed limited autonomy.’
    • ‘I'd like to re-echo the sentiment: Happy Birthday, grandma!’
    throb, reverberate, pulsate, pulse, palpitate, resonate, resound, ring, echo, re-echo, boom, thunder, thump, pound, beat, drum, thud, thrum, hammer



/ˌriːˈɛkəʊ/ /rɪˈɛkəʊ/