Meaning of reacquaint in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːəˈkweɪnt/


[with object]
  • Make (someone) acquainted or familiar with someone or something again.

    ‘he was able to reacquaint himself with an old school chum’
    • ‘For reacquainting me with that pleasure, I want to thank everyone who pushed for deregulation, privatization and free trade in electricity.’
    • ‘Indeed, this project to build a new youth centre has helped reacquaint me with some tremendous characters from my past.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this would reacquaint us with the 19th century.’
    • ‘These largely acoustic songs reacquaint us with his tremulous, soulful vocals and cutting lyrical style.’
    • ‘The virtue of the spade for you and me is that it reacquaints us with resistance from the material world.’
    • ‘Only by reacquainting workers, intellectuals and young people with a socialist perspective and culture can a new political road forward be charted.’
    • ‘Introductions were made, questions were posed, pictures were taken, and old friends were heartily reacquainted.’
    • ‘Old friends are reacquainted, new ones made, and future plans plotted.’
    • ‘His summer travels took him to the World University tryouts in Colorado, where he was reacquainted with Penn.’
    • ‘I thought it time my children and I were reacquainted with our family.’
    • ‘It must reacquaint us with the characters without bogging the pace down with exposition.’
    • ‘I gave them a small smile and left them to acquaint, or reacquaint themselves with each other.’
    • ‘Local archery ranges are crowded now as bowhunters reacquaint themselves with a favorite bow or become familiar with new gear.’
    • ‘She had not been home for months and decided that she needed to reacquaint herself with the once familiar surroundings.’
    • ‘It's in that moment he decides he's not going to play his beloved violin until he reacquaints himself with his Algerian roots.’
    • ‘I think that it has to be done slowly so that the boy once again reacquaints himself with his father.’
    • ‘I was out reacquainting myself with the country after a long period working in England and I was driving through Glencoe on a beautiful day.’
    • ‘Over time, we reacquainted ourselves with Jackson and Angela in Manhattan.’
    • ‘At the next table, a guy is getting reacquainted with old friends.’
    • ‘But just who were these four individuals with whom the city of Dublin has recently been reacquainted?’