Meaning of reaction time in English:

reaction time


  • The length of time taken for a person or system to respond to a given stimulus or event.

    ‘drivers' reaction times were 30 per cent slower when talking on a mobile phone’
    • ‘the reaction time for the police has increased due to improved patrol techniques’
    • ‘With a normal reaction time of 1.5 seconds the total stopping distance is 110 meters.’
    • ‘His reaction time was probably slower than average.’
    • ‘A person whose reaction time is impaired by alcohol would take an indeterminable time longer to react.’
    • ‘Driving while sleep-deprived slows your reaction time.’
    • ‘It was agreed between the parties that an appropriate reaction time was one second.’
    • ‘Enterprises with fast reaction times can use that advantage to capitalize on opportunities faster than their competitors.’
    • ‘Your reaction time for making decisions at blackjack while in a casino is much shorter than the time you have at home while practising.’
    • ‘Survival in these games depends on the swift reaction time by the players.’
    • ‘The study compares the reaction times of drivers who are talking on a mobile phone.’
    • ‘We wanted to increase our reaction times to fashion trends.’