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  • 1Computing
    (of memory, data, or a file) able to be accessed but not modified.

    ‘all the existing files will be converted into read-only files’
    • ‘In rare cases operators can protect pages, making them read-only, which restricts any edits from occurring.’
    • ‘Each web server accesses its own read-only copy of a web site.’
    • ‘Employees can generate their own, or copy one from the Company's intranet in read-only format.’
    • ‘They should still be as simple as possible, but are likely to be more complex than your average read-only news Web site.’
    • ‘For a client who insists on a CD-ROM of as-built drawings, the obvious solution is to copy them as read-only files.’
    • ‘Access is slower, and the files are usually read-only.’
    • ‘As the data is in a read-only format, the backup of a snapshot to tape is extremely simple.’
    • ‘Since the CD is read-only, the attacker cannot deface the copy on the CD.’
    • ‘This allows read-only access for customers or other constituents in distant locations.’
    • ‘This is less of a problem if the web content is static, as with sites that provide read-only information.’
    1. 1.1Denoting a recording device that can be played but on which no further recordings can be made.
      ‘low-priced systems come with a standard read-only drive for both CDs and DVDs’
      • ‘Most low-priced systems come with a standard read-only drive for both types of disks.’
      • ‘New firmware would also enable read-only DVD drives to accept DVD-RAM disks.’
      • ‘You can buy a CD-RW drive for roughly half the price of DVD-RAM and DVD-RAM disks have format compatibility issues with read-only DVD-ROM drives.’
      • ‘Both CD and DVD drives can be either read-only or readable and writable.’
      • ‘Most budget machines come with at least a read-only drive, which is necessary as most software is supplied on CD-Rom.’
      • ‘Moreover, because all the system files stay on a read-only device, it is most unlikely that they are inadvertently tampered with by anybody.’
      • ‘"Over the next few years, you're going to see read-only CD drives replaced by read/write versions," he told me.’
      • ‘Read-only or recording CD and DVD drives are available either as accessories or as part of a docking station.’
      • ‘The developers accomplished what they said they'd do, and made the rewritable media compatible with the installed base of read-only DVD-RAM and DVD-Video drives.’
      • ‘This development comes just as the CD-RW drive is replacing the read-only CD-ROM drive, so the window of opportunity is definitely opening.’
      • ‘Read-only devices, such as read-only CDs (commercial music CDs, for instance), do not allow you to edit the information they contain.’