Meaning of ready reckoner in English:

ready reckoner


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  • A book or table listing standard numerical calculations or other kinds of information presented formulaically.

    ‘At the heart of the analysis is the ‘balance scorecard’, a spreadsheet-based ready reckoner of tax reforms and other fiscal tweaks that is used to balance the Treasury's books.’
    • ‘The ready reckoner also imparts information on basic car care, safe repairing and various types of accessories.’
    • ‘The directory, which is priced at Rs.50, is a ready reckoner on listings related to wedding trousseau, wedding accessories, flower decoration and back-drops, accommodation for the guests and much more.’
    • ‘It would, however, be prudent to check whether you would pay less VAT under the scheme than under normal VAT accounting - there is a ready reckoner available on Customs' website.’
    • ‘It's a pity that the book has ended up more as a ready reckoner than a good read.’
    • ‘Here's a light-hearted look at love astrology - but remember, sun signs are not the be all and end all of astrology, and can only serve as quick ‘ready reckoners’ to your romantic style.’
    • ‘Yes, you can detect in her eyes the whirring of a mental ready reckoner, and hear in her utterances a ruthless self-censorship.’
    • ‘I am committed to bringing out the ready reckoner every year within 15 days from the day the State Budget is presented with all the changes.’
    • ‘This payment depends on your age and length of service, and it's less than generous, as this ready reckoner demonstrates.’