Meaning of reality testing in English:

reality testing


mass nounPsychology
  • The objective evaluation of an emotion or thought against real life, as a faculty present in normal individuals but defective in psychotics.

    ‘hypnosis reduces reality testing, so that the person becomes more open to suggested distortions of reality’
    • ‘The therapist may offer the patient a combination of empathy and reality testing.’
    • ‘Therapy is used to stress reality testing initially, and later to explore stressors, and improve coping skills.’
    • ‘Thus, their reality testing appears intact, and the rebellious behavior or attitude shows itself to be the charade of mock independence that it is.’
    • ‘The nonschizophrenic patients had the shortest and least detailed dreams and the highest degree of reality testing.’
    • ‘Full insight, reality testing and judgment are retained by subjects.’