Meaning of realizable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪəlʌɪzəbl/

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(also British realisable)
  • 1Able to be achieved or made to happen.

    ‘the need to define realizable targets’
    • ‘Surely a more rational, equitable and plain simpler system is imaginable and politically realisable?’
    • ‘Yet none of these protections are realizable within the ‘total institution’ or prison.’
    • ‘Although a more ideal form of government may be imaginable, none is realizable in this era of world history.’
    • ‘The only meaningful concepts are those which can be defined by a sequence of practically realizable steps, termed operations.’
    • ‘The next stage is to move from ideas on paper to a viable, realizable building.’
    • ‘There's no question that our bid to attain specialist college status is much more easily realisable.’
    • ‘Moreover, the connection to other networks, wireless included, is easily realizable.’
    • ‘But seeking justice was a lifelong endeavor - it became obvious to those who knew, read and learned from him that justice was not an unachievable ideal but a realizable objective.’
    • ‘He is conscious of the fact that contemplative concentration is realizable through rigid Yogic discipline through which he seeks divine grace for the purification of his mind and soul.’
    • ‘But it is not universally realizable, nor even universally desirable.’
    • ‘All that was palpable, tactile, realizable, was a distant mirage of dead spirit.’
    • ‘People with high levels of well-being were also found to be more confident in their relationships, and in what they have achieved in life; and feel that their dreams are realisable.’
    • ‘However, if this is to be a realisable objective we need the continuing support of the local community.’
    • ‘But the upbeat note did not last beyond the president's speech as within hours the event degenerated into a talking shop, with many views offered but little in the way of realisable plans.’
    • ‘We both believe that this is a realisable ambition and should be the next logical step.’
    • ‘But people should have no doubt that even a tiny grain of radioactive substances can kill - and under easily realisable circumstances, it probably will.’
    • ‘That would need major funding boosts that simply aren't going to be realisable given tax cuts and Latham's promises to keep tax and spending constant or lower as a proportion of GDP.’
    • ‘It just means that, like every other good thing we value that I can think of, it is not a fully realisable goal as long as we are working with human beings, rather than angels or robots.’
    • ‘Britain certainly needs a more comprehensive, honest and realisable energy policy.’
    achievable, obtainable, accessible, within reach, at hand, reachable, winnable, securable, realizable
  • 2In or able to be converted into cash.

    ‘10 per cent of realizable assets’
    • ‘And with biotech and pharmaceutical stocks plummeting, the true realisable values of the assets must have become a subject of sharp focus for the banks.’
    • ‘These companies have either accumulated a current year's profits that are represented by cash or other readily realisable assets.’
    • ‘If it becomes probable that the asset will not be acquired or constructed, capitalized costs in excess of the net realizable value of the entity's interest in the asset are charged to expense.’
    • ‘A company may now reduce its capital by special resolution, without a court order, if the capital is reduced to an amount that is not less than the realizable value of the company's assets less its liabilities.’
    • ‘The net realisable value of the assets in my opinion is in the order of £4,750 plus VAT excluding any costs which could be incurred for removal or commission which in my experience should not exceed 15% of net realisations.’
    • ‘The company has realisable assets of €360,500.’
    • ‘The company owes €1.4 million, but it has realisable assets of €964,000.’
    • ‘The company has realisable assets of €59,500 so trade suppliers will not be repaid.’
    • ‘Those figures are stated at the lower end of net realisable value.’
    • ‘While in theory that is true, it is only practical to place liquid or realisable assets into trust.’
    • ‘By Section 5 of the Act the court may make a confiscation order in a lesser sum than the value of the proceeds if it finds that the realisable assets are less than that figure.’
    • ‘Moreover, neither the order of liquidity nor market or net realizable values were determined for assets such as accounts receivables or inventories.’
    • ‘Since assets are valued at the lesser of cost and net realisable value, the cost of an asset is normally the same as its carrying amount or value in the balance sheet.’
    • ‘I have no personal funds or realisable assets available to be able to pay your outstanding account or any of the substantially large deficit incurred.’
    • ‘There is now fresh evidence as to the amount of realisable assets.’
    • ‘There was no evidence upon which he could conclude that the defendant had realisable assets in the companies.’
    • ‘Under that scheme, therefore, the court has no discretion as to how the receiver is to be paid; he ‘is to receive his remuneration’ from realisable assets.’
    • ‘Does that not mean in the bank, or in some realisable asset?’
    • ‘Under the court's rulings, receivables normally should be reported at estimated net realizable value and inventories should be reported at the lower of cost or market.’
    • ‘The diocese has reached a point whereby its realisable reserves cannot be reduced further and a balanced budget… needs to be achieved by 2003.’
    convertible, negotiable, disposable, usable, realizable, obtainable, spendable