Meaning of realo in English:


Pronunciation /reɪˈɑːləʊ/

nounplural noun realos

  • (especially in Germany) a member of the pragmatic, as opposed to the radical, wing of the Green movement.

    Often contrasted with fundie

    • ‘In Germany the Greens are described as fundies or realos.’
    • ‘By the 1980s, all these new movements had become divided internally between what the German Greens called the fundis and the realos.’
    • ‘The realo could make a fairly strong case that green traditions of antistatism and anticonsumerism need to be fundamentally reconsidered.’
    • ‘Inside the party, issue for issue, the realos and the fundis competed for the soul and stewardship of the Greens.’
    • ‘An inner party war between the two factions raged throughout the '80s until the realos finally prevailed.’
    • ‘The realo possesses the considerable advantage of working within the constraints of contemporary social and cultural ‘givens.’’


1980s from German, from Realist ‘realist’.