Meaning of reap the whirlwind in English:

reap the whirlwind


(also sow the wind and reap the whirlwind)
  • Suffer serious consequences as a result of one's actions.

    ‘He has has sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.’
    • ‘The scandalous CEOs have pushed us too far, and finally are reaping the whirlwind of public fury.’
    • ‘The vintners ignored my advice and now they are reaping the whirlwind.’
    • ‘As Sir Arthur Harris said: ‘You sow the seeds and reap the whirlwind.’’
    • ‘They were, he observed grimly, sowing the wind and would reap the whirlwind.’
    • ‘They get swept up in a wind of applause and reap the whirlwind of unwelcome headlines.’
    • ‘Having sown the wind of ignorant opposition, he and his government reap the whirlwind.’
    • ‘We should take his message more seriously, lest we continue to reap the whirlwind of a church increasingly divided around its sacred table.’
    • ‘Sir Fergie could be finally reaping the whirlwind.’
    • ‘Those people should be made accountable for their actions, and I look forward to them reaping the whirlwind from the New Zealand people.’


    With biblical allusion to Hos. 8:7.