Meaning of rear light in English:

rear light


(also rear lamp)
mainly British
  • A red light at the rear of a vehicle; a tail light.

    ‘The car lacked windshield wipers, rear lights and bumpers, and none of the dashboard dials worked.’
    • ‘The entire light cluster can be a rear light, a brake light or an indicator, and automatically adjusts in intensity and brightness to suit prevailing conditions.’
    • ‘Large headlights are repeated in the size and styling of the rear light clusters.’
    • ‘The tail, too, gets body-colour on its new-shape bumper, in which the rear lights are neater, higher and easier to see.’
    • ‘Johnson says that a typical rear lamp assembly with an incandescent light source is $10 to $12.’
    • ‘A body-coloured rear bumper continues the theme, with smooth headlamps decorated with a water-droplet design and a new pattern for the rear lamp clusters completes the look.’
    • ‘This is followed in quick succession by installation of the rear lights and wire harness, sunroof and headliner, sound deadener and carpet.’
    • ‘Both front and rear lights play significant roles in keeping you safe as you drive so keeping them in tiptop shape and condition is necessary.’
    • ‘Neon comes in tubes that are bendable and allow for design flexibility, and has a faster rise-time than traditional rear lights.’
    • ‘The rear lights are all working and looking good!’