Meaning of reascend in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːəˈsɛnd/


[no object]
  • Ascend again or to a former position.

    ‘the fallen angel reascends to the upper air’
    • ‘In places the sound of the river rises up the gravel slope, and thirsty dogs rush down for a drink and cannot reascend; should the owner go down to fetch the dog, he or she will be trapped as well.’
    • ‘With the samples on board it reascended to several kilometres above Itokawa.’
    • ‘The inferior parathyroids descend into the mediastinum (with their pharyngeal pouch III counterparts-the thymic antecedents), then reascend to meet the inferior pole of the thyroid.’
    • ‘Mike reascended the aven to his previous stance, and worked his way upwards and to the south-east to a good ledge where a passage entered along the line of a joint at roof level.’
    • ‘In the Christian story God descends to reascend.’
    • ‘But it's so crowded, loud and smoky that even the intrepid Milica gasps for air, and we reascend the stairs to lounge against the bannister near the entrance.’