Meaning of reasonably in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːzənəbli/

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  • 1In a sensible way.

    ‘he began to talk calmly and reasonably about his future’
    • ‘Secondarily, Hamilton deals calmly and reasonably with questions of historicity.’
    • ‘Gavin Rae took his shooting opportunity reasonably enough, but Main somehow got a hand to the ball and pulled off a remarkable save.’
    • ‘Granted, it started off reasonably enough with Jakatta and Bent, but I've got both those tracks already.’
    • ‘The outside world sees them, reasonably enough, as a single unit, acting in concert.’
    • ‘The bed at the foot of the oak tree is currently planted with small shade-loving shrubs, reasonably enough.’
    • ‘The Ciliophora are characterized, reasonably enough, by the presence of cilia.’
    • ‘When he planned Spiral Jetty, Smithson assumed, reasonably enough, that the level of the Great Salt Lake was static.’
    • ‘That has changed, reasonably enough, now that the cost of the war is known.’
    • ‘It starts reasonably enough, and then escalates slowly into something truly dreadful.’
    • ‘Hipparchus was critical of the grid defined by Eratosthenes, saying reasonably enough that it was chosen arbitrarily.’
    • ‘The girl, reasonably enough, runs away from the whole stinking lot of them.’
    • ‘In it, I forcibly argued that high standards could only reasonably be maintained by cutting costs.’
    1. 1.1By sensible standards of judgement; justifiably.
      ‘a constable who reasonably believes a breach of the peace is about to take place’
      • ‘it was assumed, reasonably enough, that the murder had taken place by the pond’
      • ‘He believed, reasonably enough, that the Journal would continue attacking him and others.’
      • ‘In all cases, the officer must reasonably believe that the person is wearing the item in question wholly or mainly to conceal his or her identity.’
      • ‘Suppose the police, reasonably believing a man has stolen some jewellery, follow him into his house in order to arrest him.’
      • ‘First, I think the standard of fiction can reasonably be said to be rising.’
      • ‘The mere fact, if it be a fact, that the constable reasonably thought that a breach of the peace was likely did not in my judgment justify the arrest of the bailiff.’
      • ‘On any view, that must involve questions of whether any distinction in treatment can be reasonably justified.’
      • ‘If a constable reasonably apprehends that the action of any person may result in a breach of the peace it is his duty to prevent that action.’
      • ‘Ohio law says, if Deputy Evans reasonably feared for his life, the shooting is justified.’
      • ‘Nobody can reasonably expect any future Tigers to suddenly appear on the scene.’
      • ‘However, expenditure in the future might reasonably have extended that useful life for a considerable period of time.’
      • ‘As a county employee, the e-mailer would reasonably worry about his or her future if identified.’
      • ‘That too could reasonably have been expected to arise in the future.’
      • ‘We can reasonably expect to know more in the future if we avoid the temptations of skepticism.’
      • ‘As long as calm heads prevail, it can be reasonably hoped that tangible progress will be made in the future.’
      • ‘Could he reasonably have been expected to work within the system when the system was corrupt?’
      • ‘Mr Kelson told the jury a person who is being attacked or believes he is about to be attacked is entitled to use such force as reasonably necessary to defend himself.’
      • ‘In fact, the only voice you might reasonably expect to rise in protest on your touching a painting or statue is that of your own conscience.’
      • ‘We implore you to acknowledge that the Department of Justice cannot reasonably be a party to such tyranny.’
      • ‘More reasonably, there is an argument that treatment should only be limited to conditions that that will significantly shorten life.’
      • ‘You know what you want and you know how to reasonably get it.’
      justifiably, justly, legitimately, rightly, properly, reasonably
  • 2To a moderate or acceptable degree; fairly.

    as submodifier ‘she played the piano reasonably well’
    • ‘That there is no peace can be seen in the violence in the West Bank and the threat of more to come, for all that the week ended reasonably calmly.’
    • ‘But if it doesn't happen in the reasonably foreseeable future, there may come a time when it can no longer happen at all.’
    • ‘Or does it reflect a reasonably sensible estimate of where future value will be found?’
    • ‘With a strong educational background, my future may look reasonably bright, but my present is feeling pretty lean.’
    • ‘While no-one can predict the future it is reasonably safe to assume that this sort of incident will not occur again.’
    • ‘This is a reasonably unlikely possibility, at least in the near future.’
    • ‘Will the human lineage survive, reasonably happily, into the far distant future?’
    • ‘For a rock 'n' roll manager it was actually reasonably sensible.’
    • ‘It is only fair, it is only right, it is only reasonable and it is what a reasonably sensible person would expect.’
    • ‘However, to take one cautious step in the direction of one crop, judged to be reasonably safe, seems sensible to me.’
    • ‘It was the first outing for Mayo in this year's Championship and the changes by the management seemed to work reasonably well.’
    • ‘The bank remains reasonably upbeat about the Irish economy, but is taking a selective approach to its lending, here.’
    • ‘The average for the past three years was 67, and this was construed as an indication that the fox menace was now reasonably under control.’
    • ‘They come for the sun, the culture, the happy welcome - and simply to enjoy themselves in a reasonably peaceful environment.’
    • ‘In assessing the risks of acting on the basis of a reasonably arguable case, you will wish to take account of the ways in which the matter might be brought before a court.’
    • ‘Fiji's economy has recovered reasonably well, thanks mainly to the number of tourists now flocking back in droves.’
    • ‘As a result he got away from the starting light reasonably well, but then got boxed in at Old Hall corner and ended up in 26th place after the first lap.’
    • ‘Money was scarce at the time and while the Harrisons were reasonably well off, the few pounds sent home by George were welcomed.’
    • ‘I was very ill indeed before and now I feel reasonably well.’
    • ‘I think I've been reasonably successful with different teams all along so I'd be hoping to put my own stamp on it.’
    reasonably, passably, tolerably, satisfactorily, sufficiently, adequately, moderately, quite, rather, somewhat, relatively, comparatively
    1. 2.1Inexpensively.
      ‘ski wear which looks good and is reasonably priced’
      • ‘A reasonably priced meal is available and booking is not required.’
      • ‘Bean bags are reasonably priced, or try walking around your neighbourhood and you may find furniture free for the taking.’
      • ‘Services such as dry cleaning and ironing are speedy and reliable and very reasonably priced, but I made a couple of mistakes on room service.’
      • ‘It has fresh, attractively packaged, reasonably priced Barbadian flying fish, cou cou and all the rest.’
      • ‘In one block, you can take your pick of reasonably priced Russian, kosher Middle Eastern or Caribbean fare.’
      • ‘They each have certain appealing aspects, and they are all reasonably priced.’
      • ‘A broader approach is needed to allow this group access to reasonably priced home ownership in the villages where they have always lived.’
      • ‘Upstairs is increasingly being used for clubs and live band nights, and there is a reasonably priced restaurant adjoining the main bar.’
      • ‘A reasonably priced sampler will give you the chance to savour and compare all of their fermented potables at a sitting.’
      • ‘Many of the articles and photographs will be of genuine interest to people from all parts of the region and it is reasonably priced.’
      • ‘Fortunately, they were all reasonably priced; this could get seriously expensive if you're not careful!’
      • ‘An architect with 3 kids in the school volunteered to provide white paint for walls at a reasonably low price.’
      • ‘Eating out in restaurants is all the more delightful because Portuguese wines are so good and so reasonably priced.’
      • ‘The fare is predictable, well prepared and reasonably priced, and the service is speedy and helpful.’
      • ‘It is reasonably priced in the context of what everything else costs this day.’
      • ‘The wine list, which was priced a bit more reasonably than the food, helped to keep the conversation flowing.’
      • ‘All seemed to be reasonably priced and included tea or coffee.’
      • ‘The gallery represents artists from both the Borders and further afield, and the works are all very reasonably priced.’
      • ‘The restaurant is reasonably priced for the high quality dining it offers.’
      • ‘Hiring a car is the best way to get around and, by American standards, reasonably priced.’