Meaning of reassume in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːəˈsjuːm/


[with object]
  • Take on or gain (something) again.

    ‘following the sale of the magazine, he reassumed the position of technical editor’
    • ‘Huge counter demonstrations by opposition supporters tilt the balance and he reassumes power two days later.’
    • ‘But he could not have lived without his work, so that when he recovered his health and reassumed his duties, if not the use of his arm, he was grateful.’
    • ‘Then the shade of Marx was gone, and the walls of the official residence had reassumed their reassuring solidity.’
    • ‘The ensuing period of parity was brief, however, as straight from the kick off Catz reassumed the lead.’
    • ‘I'm just beginning to reassume some form of normalcy.’
    • ‘At that point, New York would reassume control of the land.’
    • ‘What all this means for Indonesia is that the right time has come for this country to play an active role once again and reassume its once-prominent role in this region.’
    • ‘He expressed expectations that Germany will reassume its leading position in commodity exchange with Bulgaria and in the field of investments.’
    • ‘The World Health Organization asserts that the solution to the current crisis is for the state to reassume a leading role in the system.’
    • ‘But that is much more easily done if Cassell can reassume his role as the offensive ignition.’
    • ‘‘I wasn't aware you read, Ezekiel, ‘said Sutton, reassuming his seat facing the desk.’’
    • ‘‘Oh yes,’ said Holly, reassuming her grand air from earlier on ‘We jump almost every class’’
    • ‘Suzie, reassuming her usual role, draped the dress over Samantha's outstretched arm and turned back to the others.’
    • ‘However, Bell's lead was short lived with Jenkins reassuming top spot a few laps later and holding the lead to the chequered flag.’
    • ‘The US ambassador reassumes the key position in the country, and various activities can take place, ranging from mop-up actions against small groups of resistance to rebuilding schools and digging wells.’
    • ‘When the issue reassumes center stage, some will be surprised to see that it wears a somewhat different face - a more feminine face.’
    • ‘Once again, the Americans had essentially reassumed control of the airfield by operating the air traffic control system that extended southward from Thule to Newfoundland.’
    • ‘The Commander reassumed her threatening voice.’
    • ‘The signing of the Armistice at Versailles occurred before the Regiment could cross the Atlantic, so it reassumed its border patrol mission.’
    • ‘The Coast Guard reassumed full control of the station in 1946.’