Meaning of reattain in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːəˈteɪn/


[with object]
  • Attain (an objective or position) again.

    ‘it changes behaviour so as to reattain the set body weight’
    • ‘a point is reached where stability is reattained’
    • ‘As soon as her telepathic abilities discern that we have reattained REM sleep, she cries again.’
    • ‘The only way we can reattain innocence is by glossing over our pasts, forgetting, and we're not always so good at that.’
    • ‘Especially in the realm of the technology of production, changes, if any, had been gradual over the centuries, and in some areas even ancient Roman standards had not been reattained.’
    • ‘I reattained my smile, and I looked over at Rachel.’
    • ‘But 37 h elapsed before nitrate-starved cultures began dividing again and nitrate-starved cultures did not reattain maximum growth rates over the period investigated.’
    • ‘My proposal is that we bring about a renaissance of Hinduism so that within its greatness which has been proven through many centuries we may reattain the past culture and civilization that we have lost.’
    • ‘Our company is capable of reattaining its premium rating over the medium term.’
    • ‘However, the rats needed more trials to reattain the learning criteria during the postoperative training.’
    • ‘The refrigeration system is operated in a low speed cooling mode to reattain a temperature set point assigned to the conditioned space.’
    return to, get back to, find one's way back to, reach again, reattain, rejoin