Meaning of reattempt in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːəˈtɛm(p)t/


[with object]
  • Attempt to achieve (something) again.

    ‘I reattempted entry’
    • ‘I wasn't here so they left one of those little, scrawled notes that they'd reattempt delivery the next day.’
    • ‘If they are taking a diuretic, the dosage should be reduced or held for three days before reattempting therapy.’
    • ‘Soldiers enlisted through the scheme who fail to immediately meet the requirements of the Special Forces Entry Test will be offered the option to reattempt the test at a later date.’
    • ‘The company, whose turnover should be close to $15 million this year, is in no hurry to reattempt a listing after an aborted flotation in 2000.’
    • ‘She reached out to reattempt a pat of my hand and, because I had enough time to prepare for her movement, I didn't pull away, this time.’
    • ‘His hands rose weakly, pushed at Leonardo's shoulders, and fell, only to reattempt it again seconds later.’
    • ‘After undertaking this training students will be required to reattempt the diagnostic assessment.’
    • ‘Initial backcrosses of the third mutant failed and were not reattempted due to findings during complementation testing.’
    • ‘The all-fours position is compatible with all intravaginal manipulations for shoulder dystocia, which can then be reattempted in this new position.’
    • ‘Once the symptoms have resolved, a dosage increase may then be reattempted, but at a slower rate.’
    • ‘Carl then reattempted to get to the woodpecker's hole.’
    • ‘Noticing that the plane's centerline tank had not jettisoned, he commanded a jettison reattempt.’