Meaning of rebar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːbɑː/


mass noun
  • Reinforcing steel used as rods in concrete.

    ‘a piece of rebar’
    • ‘The walls are concrete reinforced with some rebar.’
    • ‘However, many contractors and precast manufacturers who use steel rebar to reinforce countertops report success.’
    • ‘Positioners are built into the forms for the steel rebar used to reinforce each joist, and a layer of mesh is placed in the deck.’
    • ‘The tunnel was reinforced with concrete, rebar and lumber.’
    • ‘Details of the broken concrete and severed steel rebar may provide clues to the nature of the World Trade Center collapse.’
    • ‘The lead wire from the zinc is connected to a lead attached to the steel rebar, and protection begins.’
    • ‘The workers would switch the crane back and forth, depending on whichever was needed in the hole - rebar or concrete.’
    • ‘Another benefit was being able to stock the steel rebar on the large, high-capacity deck area.’
    • ‘I plan to use fiber concrete, without rebar or mesh, and to pour the driveway in slabs.’
    • ‘New support columns have more rebar and less concrete to support the floor above.’
    • ‘For reinforcement, a pre-assembled steel rebar cage is lowered into the pile through the plastic concrete.’
    • ‘The pipes were put on end and centered around pieces of rebar rising from a concrete footing that follows the property line.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the fenceposts included three piece of steel rebar inside each post, which slowed things down a bit.’
    • ‘Concrete walls and roofs reinforced with rebar had absorbed the blasts, or the shells had simply penetrated the ceilings, leaving only a hole.’
    • ‘Steel rebar within the concrete makes the concrete structure stronger.’
    • ‘When reinforcing is required, rebar is positioned in the preformed recesses of the block.’
    • ‘The panels they purchase have pieces of rebar molded into them to serve as attachment points.’
    • ‘This process starts with engineered three-dimensional concrete walls joined to footings with rebar.’
    • ‘Or perhaps, twisted, tangled strands of rebar poking through piles of concrete rubble in the demolished remains of a hotel or a factory.’
    • ‘In all, 160,000 cubic yards of concrete and 34 million pounds of rebar will be used on the bridge.’