Meaning of rebbetzin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛbɪtsɪn/


(also rebbitzin)
  • 1The wife of a rabbi.

    ‘Our rebbetzin (rabbi's wife) knew that both of us were single.’
    • ‘We telephoned our rabbi and rebbetzin back home in Eugene, Oregon.’
    • ‘Only the rebbetzin still comes, she knits beside her husband's bed; wife and husband do not always, Kreutzer knows, need words.’
    • ‘One long-married rebbetzin suggested making a list of all the reasons you married him and keep it handy.’
  • 2A female religious teacher.

    ‘The Ruchama Project is also dedicated to the memory of Elana Rosenblatt, a 28-year-old mother of four and an Aish rebbetzin in London, on August 8, 2001.’
    • ‘That's okay, I though you had to be a lot older and grayer and at least have a few grandchildren to be a real rebbetzin anyway!’
    • ‘Elana Rosenblatt, a 28-year-old Aish rebbetzin in London, recently passed away from cancer.’
    • ‘As soon as I got home, I telephoned my rebbetzin.’


Yiddish, feminine of rebbe (see rebbe).