Meaning of rebetika in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈbɛtɪkə/


(also rembetika)
mass noun
  • A type of Greek popular song accompanied by instruments such as violins and bouzoukis.

    ‘He took as the basis of his style the urban popular music known as rebetika, which at the time was not very highly regarded.’
    • ‘He translated a wide range of Greek programs, including Greek tragedies, modern Greek poetry and the lyrics of rebetika songs.’
    • ‘I would compare tango to American blues and Greek rembetika - what happened with those styles, and I think to tango also, was that as they became more respectable, they also experienced a certain creative paralysis.’
    • ‘Music and dance are major forms of group and self-expression, and genres vary from Byzantine chants to the music of the urban working class known as rebetika.’


Modern Greek rempetika (plural), used as noun of rempetikos ‘of vagrants or rebels’, probably from rempetēs ‘vagrant’.