Meaning of rebirthing in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːˈbəːθɪŋ/


mass noun
  • A form of therapy involving controlled breathing intended to simulate the trauma of being born.

    ‘By using rebirthing, ‘therapy goes a lot faster’ for some clients looking for ‘personal growth,’ Waters-Rose says.’
    • ‘Millions of people every year subscribe to popular therapies such as rebirthing, but are they really dealing with the difficult issues?’
    • ‘Rebirthing was felt to programme people to expect trauma and breath-though because of the linguistics used.’
    • ‘And there are others that are very new, relatively trendy modalities, rebirthing, magnet therapy, a number of them.’
    • ‘Breath has been used for everything from stress management to psychological self-therapy to rebirthing your divine self.’
    • ‘In rebirthing she wrapped Candace in a blanket, told her ‘now you have to be reborn and then you'll be the real daughter of your new mother here and you have to get out of this blanket’.’
    • ‘He discovered rebirthing by lying in a hot bath and breathing in a conscious connected manner.’
    • ‘There are several cathartic therapies that involve primal screaming, rebirthing, or reparenting.’
    • ‘People who do rebirthing go to this point quite often.’
    • ‘The idea of hanging from a tree is a technique used in rebirthing rituals and initiations.’