Meaning of reboard in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈbɔːd/


[with object]
  • (of a passenger) board (a ship or vehicle) again.

    ‘after breakfast we reboarded our coach for the journey to the French coast’
    • ‘How would it be possible for them to have reboarded the ship?’
    • ‘Cale waved sadly as Biorman reboarded the ship and the hatch hastily closed.’
    • ‘But trouble started even before the away fans' coaches arrived at the ground when a number of fans stopped for a drink in Chapeltown and refused to reboard their coaches.’
    • ‘On a vacation cruise in December, we were provided moist cloths every time we reboarded the vessel.’
    • ‘I'm glad that there were no casualties and eventually I managed to reboard the boat.’
    • ‘Once you get the dog alongside, the handle will help you either retrieve the animal or lead it around to an area where it can reboard the boat on its own.’
    • ‘After the repeat security screening, the passengers reboarded - all except the five Middle Eastern men, who were nowhere to be found.’
    • ‘He had pulled the emergency cord to get off the train, and was hotly pursued by the conductor, who lost him within moments, shrugged, wiped his brow, straightened his waistcoat and reboarded the train.’
    • ‘Finally he blessed crowds and after a lingering wave reboarded the Papal helicopter to head for Edinburgh.’
    • ‘She was well down by the head, but at dawn, when she seemed stable, the captain, the mate and four volunteers reboarded her and at 8am took lines from two tugs.’
    • ‘A week later they reboarded the vessel Braveheart and set out on the return voyage.’
    • ‘The officers do their share of the hard work, and key decisions - whether to reboard the stricken tanker, whether to head for home or back to safer US waters - are put to the vote.’
    • ‘We reboard our chariot and head back towards Frankston.’
    • ‘By the time you reboard each evening, chef Charlie Wang will have your pan-seared wahoo waiting.’
    • ‘Two of the members were later arrested in Thailand after authorities there found two pistols in their possession as they were reboarding the flight for Seoul at Bangkok airport.’
    • ‘With that he hastily untied and reboarded the plane, which, coughing and smoking like an affront to the pristine beauty of its surroundings, turned and began making its way to rejoin the smoke and factories of civilization.’
    • ‘At 93rd Street we took a few photos, and then reboarded the train for our inbound trip, as the layover here was just twelve minutes.’
    • ‘After the nicotine fit was satisfied, both of them quickly reboarded our train to get out of the way of the approaching freight.’
    • ‘They had the grand unveiling ceremony and reboarded the train for the maiden voyage downtown.’
    • ‘They had rehearsed these very questions so many times Elena was able to hold to the story and they were allowed to reboard the train.’