Meaning of rebounder in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈbaʊndə/


  • 1 trademark in US A small circular trampoline used for exercising.

    ‘She also jumps up and down on a rebounder in front of morning television.’
    • ‘What are the dimensions and user weight limitations for the rebounders?’
    • ‘The mini-trampoline rebounder gets amazing results for almost anyone.’
  • 2Basketball
    A player who rebounds the ball.

    ‘the rebounder threw the ball back to me, and I lined up for my next shot’
    • ‘The rebounder throws the ball off the glass, rebounds, pivots and throws a baseball pass to the runner from the lay up line heading for the basket at the other end.’
    • ‘Both players are pretty good defensive rebounders for point guards.’
    • ‘The rebounder should protect the ball rather than dribble it.’
    • ‘His dominance is now greater as a defensive player and a rebounder than it's ever been in his career, which is a maturation on his part.’
    • ‘Put two good rebounders close to the basket and designate one player to box out the shooter.’