Meaning of rebrand in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈbrand/

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[with object]
  • Change the corporate image of (a company or organization)

    ‘the radio station has since been rebranded as 98FM’
    • ‘the company rebranded the newly acquired cinemas’
    • ‘This is the first demonstration of how the co-operative is rebranding itself and its products under this brand.’
    • ‘He was rebranding his graphic design company and moving premises to a new €2.3 million site in Donnybrook.’
    • ‘It is understood that rebranding consultants were approached late last year in connection to the plan.’
    • ‘Copy shops are rebranding themselves as print centres and are moving in one of two directions.’
    • ‘The club began work this week on updating and rebranding the current facilities to incorporate the new logo and make the ground more welcoming.’
    • ‘Companies that have taken part in the programme have used it to complete rebranding programmes as well as access new markets on either side of the border.’
    • ‘The Green Party, hoping to pick up a few extra seats in the Super Thursday elections on June 10, have spent this week rebranding themselves.’
    • ‘She, along with four underwhelmed London boroughs, have decided to try whip up international interest in the East End by rebranding it under a new name.’
    • ‘Similarly, the Greens are rebranding themselves as ‘the real left party’.’
    • ‘Businesses, charities, seem obsessed with rebranding themselves.’
    • ‘In Eastern Europe many former Communist parties have survived and done well by rebranding themselves as worker parties.’
    • ‘The recently announced rebranding strategy will go much deeper than the paint job.’
    • ‘The company has been bought out by a large French chain, and they are closing all the smaller stores and rebranding the larger ones.’
    • ‘This near-miss reveals that rebranding a region is a tricky business.’
    • ‘However, their latest rebranding exercise might be doing them more harm than good as far as we're concerned.’
    • ‘Why stop there when you can take personal choice to the limit and start rebranding the male population to suit every taste?’
    • ‘It is understood the fund may be rebranded when the new division gets approval to operate from the Central Bank, a process which is expected to take around nine months.’
    • ‘The obvious answer is through debt-or credit as the banks rebranded it.’
    • ‘It would mean that American companies would have to go back, repackage, relabel and rebrand their products.’
    • ‘He saw no need to rebrand the image and it is unlikely that he could have done so even if he had since the persona he had assumed from the beginning was too deeply ingrained.’