Meaning of rebreathe in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈbriːð/


[with object]
  • Breathe in (exhaled air)

    ‘cup your hands close to your mouth to catch and rebreathe the exhaled air’
    • ‘Rebreathers use technology in which the same air is rebreathed; the diver exhales into the equipment, which scrubs the air free of carbon dioxide and recirculates it.’
    • ‘When babies sleep face down on such a surface, they rebreathe air they have exhaled, which can contain high amounts of carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Similar effects occur when present-day glue sniffers rebreathe exhaled air from a plastic bag.’
    • ‘With the patient still breathing at the usual rate, a 3-min equilibration phase was recorded with the patient rebreathing a mixture of room air and Xe gas.’
    • ‘In normal subjects who rebreathed carbon dioxide, QT dispersion was increased, which could signal a risk of arrhythmia.’
    • ‘A resting cardiac output was determined in triplicate for each subject for a determination of cardiac index using the acetylene rebreathe technique.’
    • ‘After baseline routine testing, the ventilatory pattern was evaluated with subjects sitting comfortably during room-air breathing and during CO2 rebreathing.’
    • ‘The infant only has the pocket of air around her face, causing her to ‘rebreathe ‘carbon dioxide gas she has just exhaled.’’
    • ‘Similar, and potentially larger, problems could occur if a bias flow is delivered to minimize rebreathing through a relatively large volume circuitry, unless the occlusion valve is close to the mask.’
    • ‘The experimental setup is similar to that described previously for mechanical unloading during CO2 rebreathing.’
    • ‘When a person using inhalants becomes hypercapnic and hypoxic by rebreathing from a closed bag, the effects of the inhalant are intensified.’
    • ‘Do not put fluffy blankets, comforters, stuffed toys, or pillows near the baby to prevent rebreathing.’
    • ‘Holding your breath or rebreathing from a paper bag are common methods of treatment.’
    • ‘Inhalation includes deep breathing through the mouth and nose and often involves rebreathing exhaled air when a bag is used.’
    • ‘In dogs, chronic exposure to episodic hypoxia via tracheal occlusion depresses arousal responses to asphyxial gases when rebreathing expired air.’
    • ‘Functional residual capacity was measured by helium dilution over 7 min of rebreathing in closed circuit.’
    • ‘If general anesthesia is required, the anesthesia care provider adds a humidifier to the rebreathing system.’
    • ‘Subjects were studied at baseline and during hypoxic and hypercapnic rebreathing tests.’
    • ‘The rebreathing of carbon dioxide associated with compressible bedding may also play a role.’
    • ‘The subject was then switched to a rebreathing bag and was asked to stop hyperventilating.’