Meaning of rebroadcaster in English:



See rebroadcast

‘Audiences in the USA via FM rebroadcasters on public radio are now at their highest level ever at 3.9 million, up 70% over the last two years from 2.3 million.’
  • ‘Listeners can tune into an increasing number of FM rebroadcasters, as well as listen by digital satellite and cable.’
  • ‘In the new global figures, audiences in the USA via FM rebroadcasters are at their highest level ever.’
  • ‘‘They're sort of mergers of media and collectors of madness,’ says More, ‘filters and rebroadcasters.’’
  • ‘This turn of events leaves analysts and industry players struggling to determine how Internet rebroadcasters will impact the concept of copyright, as well as the value of cable franchises and local broadcast signals.’