Meaning of rebury in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːˈbɛri/

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verbverb reburies, verb reburying, verb reburied

[with object]
  • Bury again.

    ‘the dead were disinterred and reburied in Santa Fe’
    • ‘No one has yet requested to have relatives re-interred at Gorton, Manchester General or Phillips Park cemeteries, which means all the others will be reburied at Bury.’
    • ‘Jay found the sovereigns, either in the lighthouse or in the garden, and he buried or reburied them in the garden.’
    • ‘‘There is also the question of how long somebody should have been buried before we can consider removing or reburying their remains in this way,’ he said.’
    • ‘If bad doctors bury their mistakes, then good archaeologists should rebury theirs.’
    • ‘The possibility of exhuming bodies and reburying them in deeper graves so that coffins can be laid on top was suggested by ministers as part of a wide-ranging review of burial practices in England and Wales.’
    • ‘Old comrades of the Lincolnshire Regiment had been given a £7,000 Lottery grant to cover the cost of going to Arras on April 9 to rebury the 20 soldiers found in a mass grave in France.’
    • ‘Burns admitted some weeks later that he had returned to the area, which he knew well from playing as a child, and after spotting one leg bone had been uncovered by a dog, bought a second spade to rebury it.’
    • ‘And if you dig them up and then rebury them in various different places, that adds to the flavour.’
    • ‘The service to rebury the bones was conducted by police chaplain Rev Dr Mike Ward.’
    • ‘All five relatives are buried under a single gravestone, but it would cost Steve, a retired policeman and army officer, about £3,000 to have them reburied elsewhere.’
    • ‘But its management of burial sites was called into question when 900 animals were buried at the wrong location at Tow Law, Country Durham, and had to be reburied.’
    • ‘He added: ‘The council was over the moon with the find and wanted to keep them but I insisted they were returned to be reburied.’’
    • ‘The sanctuary has apparently been reburied since the 1890s.’
    • ‘After careful examination the bones will be reburied.’
    • ‘The 1891 capsule may also be reburied, along with a new one put together by children to mark the opening of the new building next year.’
    • ‘But the coffin was reburied and has not been found despite an archaeological dig in 2000.’
    • ‘The bones have since been reburied with other bodies from the site.’
    • ‘The bones will be reburied at the same spot, and the location recorded.’
    • ‘The fear is that in some cases it's easier to just rebury the find just because it will slow down work.’