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Pronunciation /rɛk/

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  • 1British A recreation ground.

    • ‘Where there were several thousand people the night before, the Sunday saw several dozen kids meandering round the rec looking for dropped change while the fairground folk slowly took their machines to pieces.’
    • ‘We don't get the stereotypical skinheads we got in the late 70s and early 80s but we do seem to get loads of yobs who think it highly amusing to vandalise, scrawl graffiti in the children's play area and walls around the rec and take drugs.’
    • ‘Chairman David Jessop, said: ‘At the moment the rec is used once a year for the Wrose carnival.’’
    • ‘Odsal Residence Committee in conjunction with Bradford Council are in the process of taking half of the car park away because about 15 years ago it used to be a rough grassed area on the edge of the rec, not used for anything.’
    • ‘‘I shouted for Shane when I heard him walking up the street and the man ran off through the back of the garden towards the rec,’ she said.’
    • ‘There would also hopefully be a police surgery for the youths of the area at the rec.’
    • ‘They have sent a solicitor's letter to the nursery warning that they are considering taking out an injunction over its use of the green area, known as the rec.’
    • ‘Now locals want urgent repairs to the unadopted road as it leads to two stables and a rec where hundreds of youngsters play rugby and football.’
    • ‘Why not pop along to the AGM next Tuesday, in the pavilion rooms at the rec?’
    • ‘Then we went to the rec, and played football with Lewis Moore and Kieran Jolly.’
  • 2North American Recreation.

    • ‘the rec centre’
    • ‘I am hoping to stop my city from closing our rec center.’
    • ‘If the rec center closes, there could be an increase in juvenile crime!’
    • ‘The rec center is even older and isn't meeting the needs of many in the community.’
    • ‘We're here at the rec center, and it's safe side day!’
    • ‘The local rec center sponsors stuff, so see what softball teams or swim clubs are looking for new talent.’
    • ‘I like to play racquetball; I like to try to get over to the rec center on my bike.’
    • ‘Well, don't tell Elle, but everyday after practice we head over to the rec center and hold our own practices.’
    • ‘I wanted to make a big contrast between the chapter about the swanky Petroleum Club and the down-to-earth rec center.’
    • ‘Hey, there's a teen meeting at the rec center tonight.’
    • ‘He headed for the rec tent and the nearest phone.’
    • ‘I used to play softball in the rec leagues, but not anymore.’
    • ‘Since we don't have a curfew Friday, we thought a bunch of the girls could get together in the rec hut and have a little shindig.’
    pleasure, leisure, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, refreshment, restoration, distraction, diversion

Main meanings of REC in English

: rec1REC2


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  • (in the UK) Regional Electricity Company.