Meaning of recheck in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːtʃɛk/


[with object]
  • Check or verify again.

    ‘switch off at once and recheck all the wiring’
    • ‘I'd spent a lot of time checking and rechecking the answers.’
    • ‘As I entered, checked and rechecked the titles and names, my main concern was spelling and correct typeface and color.’
    • ‘She'd been waiting impatiently at the door for almost twenty minutes, constantly checking and rechecking herself in the entryway mirror.’
    • ‘She had been checking and rechecking everything she had been taught.’
    • ‘You've checked and rechecked your list of things to take.’
    • ‘Not wanting to leave anything behind, she checked and rechecked her pack before finally leaving the room and going downstairs.’
    • ‘For every incident reported he checked and rechecked the accounts given by the witnesses.’
    • ‘The students carry out the check, which is then rechecked by the instructor to ensure that they have done it properly.’
    • ‘In Rome, because we were switching airlines, my fellow passengers and I had to retrieve our luggage and pass through security before rechecking it.’
    • ‘After rechecking the Times article I found an editor's note that appears to explain that mystery.’
    • ‘But a big part of reading your own blog is just rechecking your own proofreading.’
    • ‘Contracts for the presidential election also state that, in case of a necessary recount, votes can only be rechecked by company representatives, rather then impartial officials.’
    • ‘Residents and business people have now rechecked their security arrangements following the recent spate of break-ins at a number of business premises in the area.’
    • ‘Last year, the papers of six assistant examiners were rechecked.’
    • ‘It means all 65,000 holders of aviation security cards will be rechecked.’
    • ‘Applicants were vetted through the Police National Computer and rechecked every three months.’
    • ‘I rechecked every media source in the country but they all said his name was John.’
    • ‘‘I spent a full day rechecking my data before I called any of the other scientists,’ Mullis said.’
    • ‘They began rechecking their leads and putting more pressure on informants.’
    • ‘The doctor and nurses have been in and out all afternoon, rechecking his heart rate and blood pressure.’


  • An act of checking or verifying something again.

    ‘a recheck of the data’
    • ‘Though the barrage of checks and rechecks can get annoying, it doesn't bother me; anything in order to fly safely.’
    • ‘Advice on exam rechecks, as well as information on further education and job opportunities will also be provided.’
    • ‘The results of rechecks are expected to be made available in early October.’
    • ‘He and the shop assistant did the recheck and then the man, who lives locally but was not known to the assistant, just walked out of the shop.’
    • ‘As a result of the recheck, 325 upgrades were ordered.’
    • ‘O'Neill was declared the winner after a recheck with the match referee.’
    • ‘Appointments during these hours are generally reserved for acute visits and quick rechecks.’
    • ‘You therefore lower her dose to 37.5 mg and have her come back in 10 days for a recheck.’
    • ‘At her last annual physical examination, Mrs. Harrison had been started on antihypertensive therapy, and today she needed a recheck and updated lab work.’
    • ‘Cashing a check can take up to 45 minutes because of the multiple book entries, checks, and rechecks that a battery of clerks perform manually.’
    • ‘The doctor recommended that Ms. James come back tomorrow for a blood pressure recheck (it was markedly higher than usual).’
    • ‘He was summoned to the examination room for a blood pressure recheck.’