Meaning of recidivate in English:


Pronunciation /rəˈsɪdəveɪt/


[no object]rare
  • (of a convicted criminal) reoffend.

    ‘offenders involved with drugs were more likely to recidivate’
    • ‘Research has documented that as offenders mature, they are less likely to continue using drugs and less likely to recidivate than are younger offenders.’
    • ‘If you get out of jail and you're 60 or 65 or 70, is there a likelihood that you're going to recidivate?’
    • ‘Younger offenders recidivate more quickly than older offenders.’
    • ‘Offenders with more prior arrests recidivate more quickly than those with fewer prior arrests.’
    • ‘Three of the 15 males in the treatment group recidivated.’
    • ‘The original 106 graduates of our program recidivated at a rate of 16 percent, as compared to the nongraduates who recidivated at a rate of 48.14 percent.’
    revert, lapse


Early 16th century from medieval Latin recidivat- past participial stem of recidivare, from Latin recidivus (see recidivist).