Meaning of recoilless in English:



See recoil

‘All they need to do is work on a recoilless version and it's a goer.’
  • ‘The cheap, portable, recoilless Soviet-designed rocket launcher has long been a favorite of guerrilla armies everywhere, because it evens up the odds against more heavily armed and armored enemies.’
  • ‘In addition to the rockets, police collected more then 400 mortar rounds, more than 200 recoilless rifle rounds, 150 machine gun rounds, 75 rocket-propelled grenades and four anti-tank mines.’
  • ‘Although their basic weapon is the rifle, they possess modern heavy weapons, including antiaircraft missile systems, recoilless rifles, and mortars.’
  • ‘During the sweep, Company A destroyed nearly 3,000 mortar and recoilless rifle rounds and searched dozens of caves and bunkers.’